Here are a couple of Charlie Tuna spots done at Duck Soup Producktions.

  Fat chickens always have been and will always be fun to animate.
Stick Figure Theatre.

Directed by Robin Steele at Colossal Pictures in San Francisco.

Would love to do more in this style.
Skat Kat animations directed by Mike Patterson.  

The last bit was projected behind Paula Abdul at the Forum in LA. It was a rare opportunity for an animator to hear thousands cheering on their work.

I was just a member of the audience but felt Like I was up on the stage.

Assorted cereal  ice cream commercials done at Duck Soup.
My all time favorite commercial job.

Directed by Roger Chouinard at Duck Soup

Didn't do the product shots.
Done for a Universal Florida theme park ride.

Not sure why I made Dastardly so rubbery. Guess I got carried away.

Didn't do Elroy but left it in for the classic Hannah and Barbara acting.
Some weird spec thing
I did in my spare time.

Prismacolor and pastel on rough black paper.
Public Storage directed by Toby Bluth at Duck Soup.

  Posting it because it ran forever.
Older Traditional 2D      
                                 posted for the nostalgiacally inclined